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「42MONTHS」 because I am allied to all this dust

「 forty. two. months. 」

stock/ boardwalk

Hear me out

Day follows day

Light turns to

clay in my hands

How to explain,

So pristine the pain

Kindness made

the cut so


I still care for you

Hear me out

Wanted me to be

Less your lover

than a mirror

Can't you see

What you mean to me?

(even promises may bleed)

I still care for you

The hours grow


And hollow,

And cruel as a grave

Open Me

You'll find

Only bones

burned to glass.

I still care for you

A step by step guide to close listening
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Quiet your mind
The world rushes around you
Let yourself feel

Still, speeding thoughts

Breathe in

(Your heart speaks)

Breathe out
Hear it.

people who know things about philosophy, question:
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The One vs The Other. What is this theory called again?

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Everyone go and listen to Take It Easy Hospital and Freshlyground right now. I'm not kidding. They're awesome.

Now to get my hands on their CDs... (if only i had money...)

this was just posted at exceptindreams but it should be posted again
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"Beyond the Ash Rains"
by Agha Shahid Ali

'What have you known of loss
That makes you different from other men?'
- Gilgamesh

When the desert refused my history,
Refused to acknowledge that I had lived
there, with you, among a vanished tribe,

two, three thousand years ago, you parted
the dawn rain, its thickest monsoon curtains,

and beckoned me to the northern canyons.
There, among the red rocks, you lived alone.
I had still not learned the style of nomads:

to walk between the rain drops to keep dry.
Wet and cold, I spoke like a poor man,

without irony. You showed me the relics
of our former life, proof that we'd at last
found each other, but in your arms I felt

singled out for loss. When you lit the fire
and poured the wine, "I am going," I murmured,
repeatedly, "going where no one has been
and no one will be... Will you come with me?"
You took my hand, and we walked through the streets

of an emptied world, vulnerable
to our suddenly bare history in which I was,

but you said won't again be, singled
out for loss in your arms, won't ever again
be exiled, never again, from your arms.

VAMPS request
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anyone have it?? Pleaaaaasee ♥♥♥

Watch & listen
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I've got nothing but two funny videos.

Gossip Girl fans, click here ;D

And, this is for everyone who knows the song Enter Sandman


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Ahhhh I am addicted to The Big Bang Theory.

I would make an icon for it if I had enough time between watching episodes and occasionally doing homework and maybe sleeping for a few hours, or even going to class.


Get addicted too: has almost all of the episodes :D

With Less Silence (Hassan El Ouazzani)
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With Less Silence
by Hassan El Ouazzani, translated by Amina Jamal Eddine and Mohamed Bouya

With a little sun. With much night.
With your most open heart. With more of your perfume.
With your most splendid presence. With much oblivion.
With purer air. With one glass more.
With less silence. With a sky more serene.
With a star. With two. With a heart more merciful.

I can forget
I am Hassan
whose steps love has wasted.

And am
the boy
whose love life has wasted

And am
the one who knew the way to the heart
of women only to bid them farewell,
who settled on the mountain of love only to
leave it; who conquered cities only to abandon them.

With a little
I can weave a grave in the void
a grave for my shadow, a grave for the air
a grave for my night, a grave for the sky

and a tower for my soul-mate.

And I
can anchor there
where joy dwells; I will anchor for a little while
at the voice of Leila, the silence of Leila,
and the grief of Leila. I will anchor
for a little while so that my heart become
my own guide.

And because
I am averse to loss of all kinds
with little love
with much love
I can head far into
the void’s hell. I can
recall the grief of my infancy. I can
emerge out of death’s tunnel
the nursery
of joy.



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